Meta Alt Pad

11% Rewards in anytoken MetaAltPad. 7% To the Rewards pool and 4% to the referrers.

Refer & MetaAltPad

Users that accept a referral will also pay 5% LESS TAX on each buy order they place!

Earnings & MetaAltPad

Also we will adds the new trending coins every three days to the MetaAltPad referrals dashboard to choose for the holding rewards for the all users.


This timeline details our goals.

Q4 2021

  • Develop Smart Contract

• Release Whitepaper

• Launch on Mid of Novemeber

• CG/CMC Fast-Tracked Listings

• Huge Marketing Campaign

• Celebrity Onboarding

• Contract audit with InterFi

• KYC with the PinkSale Finance

• Presale Launch and Liquidity Locked

Q4 2021

• Influencer/Social Media Marketing Push

• $MAP Giveaway Events

• Develop Partnership with the Dapps for Stacking & Farms

• Massive Marketing Push

• NFT Marketplace Launch

• Listing on Well-Known Exchanges(Like, BitMart, etc.)

• Launchpad to Launch Legit Projects

Q1 2022

• Partnership Announcements

• Utility Sneak-Peak

• $100,000,000 Marketcap

• Updated Roadmap


Presale : 35%

Liquidity : 25%

Marketing : 11%

Dev’s Team : 5%

Vault : 12%

Pinksale Fees : 2%

•KYC in Progress
•AUDIT in Progress
•Based Devs

Project Features:

•NFT Marketplace with the reward system.
•Launchpad for Hyped project incubations.
•Valut system to earn highly returns on stakings.
•Referral system to earn passive income.
•Multiple coin reward system.


Global Chat :
Chinese Community :
Official Channel :

Twitter :

Contract address : TBA
Decimals : 18
Token Name: Meta Alt Pad
Tracker : MAP

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